BoxBot Wiki

In BoxBot, there is a leveling system where you can gain experience from doing many actions. This includes unboxing (b!unbox) attacking/killing (b!use <item name>) and  other things.

Currently, leveling up grants users with a box, but in the future, a new system such as skills will be implemented where leveling up will give skill points which can be spent on skills.

You can check your level and the amount of EXP you have and how much more EXP you need for the next level with b!level.

EXP is gained from trivia:

  • Easy questions reward 5 EXP
  • Medium questions reward 12 EXP
  • Hard questions reward 20 EXP

EXP is gained from unboxing, depending on which tier of item you unbox: (and note that this only applies to b!unbox, not using boxes)

  • Common = 5 - 10 EXP
  • Uncommon = 11 - 17 EXP
  • Rare = 18 - 25 EXP - Ultra Rare = 25 - 34 EXP
  • Epic = 35 - 45 EXP

EXP is gained from attacking:

  • The amount of EXP gained from an attack is the total amount of damage dealt multiplied by 1.5.

There are different chances of you gaining different boxes from leveling up:

  • Common Box = 66%
  • Uncommon Box = 29%
  • Rare Box = 4%
  • Ultra Rare Box = 1%