BoxBot Wiki

On this page you can find a list of all the current staff members and their role in BoxBot.

Please refrain from mentioning or messaging Logan unless you feel it is necessary as he is extremely busy with codework. However, if you do have a question, don't hesitate to ask another member of staff (excluding Logan) and they will try to get back to you as soon as they can.

The best places to contact people of specific roles are the support channels in the Discord server or the main chat.

Every member of staff that is support or above will have a B! before their name when BoxBot displays their name in the game itself!

Bot Staff[]

These members of staff are people who are working on the bot itself.


Logan (logan#0001)

   Developer / Owner


Bailey T. (Bazza#8366)

   Community and Website Manager

Jeffrey M. (Evildog255#0001)

  Logan's Dev. Assistant

Server Staff:[]

These staff members are people who will moderate the Official BoxBot Discord server and keep an eye out for any players who disregard the Rules.


  (and what they're in charge of)

  • TheDani#0006 (Staff Management)
  • Krample#8309 (Art)
  • Mermy#0503 (Events)
  • Bazza#8366 (Website and wiki management)
  • SJ#0005 (Giveaways)

Senior Moderators:

  (tradelog monitors/chat moderators)

  • DIO#0004
  • star_#6969
  • BadGamerAlphie#5340


  (chat moderators)

  • mango#1040
  • Marcy#6868
  • ImPuls3#0994


  (answer general and tech BoxBot questions)

  • LaaaaaaaaaaG#0666
  • Jonteiro#6969
  • Sir DL#8501
  • YoJames#2274